5 night plans to do in Istanbul

Created by Servantrip - September 29, 2017
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One of the most important goals for every tourist is to maximize the time in order to visit all kinds of attractions. After all, if you don't do this, when you return home you will have a feeling that you missed out on something. What if the city at night is as interesting, as it is during the day?

Hire a private tour guide in the city with Servantrip and read our article on 5 things to do in Istanbul at night, and you will remember this trip for a long time and get experience, which you would want to share about later!

It's no secret that in the evening, after the sunset, the city takes a completely different appeal - magical and sometimes even mystical. Istanbul is a unique city that combines a rich history with an amazing culture.

It is a major port as well as industrial and economic "heart" of Turkey. With its unique location - divided by Bosphorus river, Istanbul is located on two continents, which makes it the only capital in the world located both in Europe and in Asia.

Make time to visit the center of the Christian and Islamic cultures, as Istanbul is a storehouse of many historical monuments, counting about 3,000 objects of architectural and cultural heritage of almost all civilizations of Eurasia.

Quality tour with a personal guide will help you to explore the city not only during the day but also to feel the unique Turkish atmosphere at night.

Servantrip team picked out for you 5 things to do during a night out in Istanbul:

2. Night walk along Bosphorus river

Follow your personal guide on the walk exploring what Bosphorus has to offer. You will not only see many beautiful landmarks magically illuminated that are situated near the river, but as well see a wonderful illumination of the two bridges connecting Asia with Europe. Join us now and remember your trip to Istanbul forever!

3. Night of famous Turkish Facil music.

Facil music is what makes a good night amazing! Listen to unique Turkish style of music in one of many traditional taverns of Istanbul, also called meyhane. By hiring a local guide you will ensure to have an amazing experience by diving into the atmosphere of colorful playful music of violin, lyre and clarinet. Sing along to your favourite songs of 20th century and enjoy the unknown before side of Istanbul, where colors of night are mixed with fun and dancing!

4. The dance of Dervishes

During your visit to Istanbul, it is important to learn as much as possible about the historical and religious features of the city, and the Dervishe's dance includes both these factors. Invented more than 700 years ago, it is presented by the Sufi Dervishes and is a form of Sama - physically active meditation. It is believed that by performing this magical dance Dervishes try to approach closer to God. Private tour guide who will accompany you, will make sure to tell you more history behind the dance that will enchant you and leave a long-lasting impression.

5. Experience nightlife of Istanbul

If you think that the night scene of Istanbul is poor and uneventful, we are here to prove you wrong. Follow your local guide who will show the most fascinating places which are full of unique atmosphere of Turkish night! Get a chance to explore some of the best bars Istanbul has to offer, and try some of the amazing dishes of Turkish cuisine. Have an unforgettable night with Servantrip!

There is an infinite number of places to visit in Istanbul. This is a magical city with a rich history and a highly developed cultural life. Therefore it is very important that during the first visit you don't miss the opportunity to really get to know the city. Accompanied by your own personal local guide you will not only learn some interesting facts about Istanbul, but also dive in the unique atmosphere of the city with Servantrip!

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