5 things you shouldn’t do that might get you kicked off a plane

Created by Servantrip - September 29, 2017
Blog >> 5 things you shouldn’t do that might get you kicked off a plane

Have you ever read the fine print of conditions, which you have to follow, whenever you click “agree” button, when buying your next trip's airplane tickets? We bet you didn’t even open it ones.

Well, we’re here to enlighten you that actually, especially abroad, the crew members of the plane, have ultimate authority, and they can decide whether you can take a sit among other passengers or not.

It may sound ridiculous at times, but at certain cases they have a point. So here you go, 5 reasons for which you can be kicked off a plane:

 1. You smell bad

Almost every airline has a clause in their contracts of carriage, which allows crew members the right to reject any passenger with entrance to the plane, who has an unbearable smell coming from them.

For example, in 2006, there was an incident with one German, who was declined to enter the plane by British Airways employees, before his departure to Honolulu.

2. You are barefoot

Many airlines, and especially U.S. ones have legal grounds to kick you off a flight is you forgot to put on shoes before you left your house. We have two theories why it is forbidden. First, because of safety, if something happens during the flight, it is sure more comfortable to have some shoes on while running to the exit. And second, well… Feet are also kinda smelly, which leads us to point 1 of this post.

3. You dress provocatively

Most airlines have this sentence in their book of rules - passengers that are clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offense to other passengers may be refused a sit on a plane. There have been cases of women showing too much cleavage and men refusing to pull their saggy pants up. So it’s all a no-no, accept it and try to follow.

4. You are drunk

Even though you are not permitted to open your own alcoholic drinks, we all had a glass or two of magic beverage on the plane. However it is illegal to be heavily intoxicated, as it may cause a potential risk to the safety of the crew and other passengers.

For example, there was an accident, when passenger had one too many drinks, and attacked crew with his prosthetic leg...I know, we try not to laugh at that too.

5. You are noisy

Many airlines state that a passenger might be kicked off a flight, when the passenger’s conduct creates an unreasonable risk of offense or annoyance to other passengers. Of course it might be interpreted for cases of drunk people. But actually it even applies to a younger group. Once an over-enthusiastic 2-year-old shouted "go, plane, go!" too loud and for too long, and has to wait another 24 hours to board, as he wasn't allowed a place on the plane.

Let there be no doubt: you will not win an argument with a flight attendant. Well maybe you will, but not in time for takeoff, anyway. So if you want to make it to your sit, avoid the behaviors we enlisted above!

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