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About Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is one of the most important cities in Brazil for many reasons, to include its economy, cultural and tourism. There are many things to do in Sao Paolo, but it is important to pay a visit to the Ibirapuera Park, the Municipal Theater and the Sao Bento Monistery, which make visiting Sao Paulo an amazing experience. Including the metropolitan area, it has a population of around 22 million, making it the most populous city in the country and one of the most populated in the world. Its main airport is the São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport, which is 30 kilometers from the city center and receives millions of travelers each year. Exploring the city of Sao Paulo, or navigating around the center and the surrounding areas can be really difficult, especially if you are not familiar with the city or don't have a lot of time. That's why at Servantrip we offer private driver services to get you around the city or airport transfer to pick you up after your flight. We also provide tour guides, interpreters, and lawyers at the best price.

São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU)

The São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) is the main airport serving the city of Sao Paulo with more than 38 million travelers passing through it each year. Also known as Cumbica International Airport, it is located about 28 kilometers from the city center. Get from the airport to the center of Sao Paolo can take between one and four hours, depending on traffic conditions in this megacity.

Viracopos International Airport (VCP)

Viracopos International Airport (VCP) is one of four airports serving the city of Sao Paulo with more than 7.5 million travelers passing through it each year. It is also known as International Airport of Campinas named after the city in which it is located. It is 100 kilometers from the center of Sao Paulo and a transfer from the airport to the city can take between 2 and 4 hours depending on traffic.




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