When we make a business trip have to review other important factors to be successful. This list tells you some of the best cities to do business

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Blog >> When we make a business trip have to review other important factors to be successful. This list tells you some of the best cities to do business

In this globalized world we have to be aware of what are the best places to travel, leisure or business, and this time we will focus on the best cities to do business. 

Just as when we do some research to find the best possible destinations when planning our vacations, depending on the climate, local history, tourist attractions, whether it is expensive or cheap and even the most typical restaurants, when we make a business trip have to review other important factors that could make our trip better or not.

The Global Cities Financial Index, prepared by the Qatar Financial Centre, positions different cities depending on their importance as financial centers. The cities at the top of this list are; London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

But there are other cities that are also in positions below and those are to be mentioned in this article, since they are considered some of the best cities to do business in the world.

List of best cities to do business that would not have imagined

  • Shanghai, the pearl of China business
  • With almost 24 million inhabitants and a perfect location, this city is ideal for a business trip. The financial capital of China, is the largest port in the country with over 100 springs and trade routes to 500 ports in 200 countries, ideal for foreign trade activities.

  • Rio de Janeiro, business and tourism in one place
  • If you want to make a business trip to a city that has everything, Rio de Janeiro is the best option because it not only has many amenities for business travelers but also tourist attractions and warm weather makes it even better.

    Its convention center Riocentro, receives each year a large number of international events, with capacity for 4,500 visitors, has lounges, meeting rooms and a telecommunications center. This makes it a favorite for business cities.

  • Cancun, Mayan city for business
  • Located on the Riviera Maya, Cancun is one of the mbest cities to do business. The modern airport and the large number of hotels, makes this city a perfect place for conventions and events destination. But Cancun not only has the perfect climate, ideal location near Mayan ruins and many beaches, which by some, are considered the best in the world, is also the heart of business in Latin America.

  • Madrid, the gateway to Europe for business
  • Considered one of the best cities as a destination for business travelers in Europe according to the Global Index Financial Cities, the Spanish capital leverages the mixture of its modern infrastructure and its status as an economic, financial and administrative center to receive thousands of tourists Business per year, this makes it one of the favorite points of business to business meetings.

  • Sydney, a city oriented to business tourism
  • Although many would not have imagined, Sydney is one of the most attractive city as a destination for business or business meetings and convention center of the city is ready. Although not the Australian capital, commercial and business development have become the financial capital of the country and if you make a business trip, this could be your perfect destination.

  • Buenos Aires, the southern city that welcomes the world
  • This South American city is considered one of the best connected cities in Latin America and that is why it is one of the favorite places for business trips. The modern convention center in Argentina's capital has a capacity of nearly 5,000 attendees and is just the modernism of this city that makes it a destination with great potential for business tourism.

    The place to do business meetings can be an important source of new opportunities that should not be missed. These destinations will not be conventional, but will add a special touch to your business to be modern, exotic and attractive and also allows you to enjoy some of the most exciting cities in the world.

    Are you going to any of these cities to do business?

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