A Servantrip Traveler Experience in Madrid

Place: Madrid

Estimated duration: 4 Hours

Want to visit Toledo in a day? This is how you should do it!


Despite the fact that it is a pretty small town and that visiting Toledo in one day can be possible, it has so many to see and to offer, you really need to no what to see in Toledo to actually see the best of Toledo and really taking advantage of your time there. If you do it on your own or without the right planning, it maynot be so easy. Let us tell you how to have the best experience when visiting Toledo, Spain.


Tourism in Toledo is nothing new. Since the seventeenth century travelers have been flocking to this city to see this charm that people have talk about throughout the years. From artists, religious leaders, and even celebrities today have visited this city for inspiration, tourism, and adventure. The likes of Alexandre Dumas, Gautier, Borrow and even Albert Einstein have visited this town, and all looking for what people call…The magic of Toledo. The best way to visit Toledo in a day A little more than 70 kilometers from the center of Madrid on the hills of Castilla la Mancha sits the historic town of Toledo. Known for being the point that united three different religions, and Jews, Christians, and Muslims all lived together in peace. It was also the capital of Spain up until 1560 when it reached its natural limit. The capital was then moved to Madrid, and Toledo remained on its little hill untouched or tarnished until the 19th century. It is today considered a cultural town, and is a living record that expresses both the good, and the bad, the Spain kingdom has been through. But this is only the tip of the iceberg if you want to talk about how deep the history of this town really goes, and the magical sense you only get when you walk through its cobblestone streets. It is this magic that has made this tourist and historic destination so special. Undoubtedly, being a site with so much historical value and so many hidden places in its small cobblestone streets, seeing Toledo without the help of an expert can make your trip incomplete. Therefore we recommend taking a guided tour of the town, as did these Servantrip customers from the United States.


Servantrip Experience: The magic of Toledo at your feet A group of 4 Americans visited Madrid for a few days, and they really wanted to take the opportunity to do a trip to Toledo and see this magical town first hand. Not knowing the language but armed with so much eagerness to visit Toledo in a day, they decided to book a private guide Servantrip. The guide was there waiting for them at the agreed time and the tour began. He showed them the two most interesting sites of the city: Toledo Cathedral and the Church of San Juan de los Reyes. He told them the legendary story of the stick man street and took them to the nicest viewpoints of the city, including of course the famous Toledo's Alcázar. A walking tour of 4 hours through the medieval streets of Old Case of Toledo. They loved the day trip, the tour given by our guide and overall, it was truly a unique experience.


Visiting the Old Town of Toledo is a golden opportunity to discover monuments, sites, and marvels at every step. It is something that cannot be missed if you are spending a few days in Madrid.


  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Number of travelers: 8
  • Tour Type: Cultural

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