A Servantrip Traveler Experience in Shanghai

Place: Shanghai

Estimated duration: 5 Hours

These newlyweds got the best wedding gift on their Honeymoon in China


Honeymoon tours in China have been rising in popularity over the last years. Visiting Shanghai and Beijing for Honeymooners is a beautiful experience. We want to tell you about one of the greatest gifts a newlywed couple could get during a Honeymoon trip in China.


China is characterized by its impressive architectural structures, old mysitcal legends, music and customs, but also for its gastronomy, which is a bit different and exotic compared to the rest of the world. Beign one of the oldest countries and cultures in the world, there are plenty of things to see and do, either for Honeymoon travelers or tourists in general. Exploring Beijing, Shanghai, or any other city in China and getting around to see all the sites can get a little complicated. Not only for how spread out the cities are, or the complicated public transport system and language, but because there are so many secrets and hidden places to see. Going to all the main touristy sites and monuments would not be enough to fully experience the Chinese culture and history. That’s why it is reccomended to go with a local guide, who can give you a special and one of a kind travel experience while you are in China. Do you know how many dynasties have existed in the history of China? For over 18 centuries, China was ruled by emperors who are responsible for unification of its territories into the China we know today: It is the world´s fourth largest country (third if we only consider land, no lakes or rivers). Best way to visit China China's legacy comes from the influence of 13 dynasties and kingdoms who left their mark over many years. The first one was approximately year 2205 b.C. called the Xia Dynasty, and lasted all the way until 1924 with the last emperor Xuang-Tong.


Servantrip experience: The best wedding present for a Honeymoon in China Experiences can also be enjoyed in third person. A Spanish couple traveled to China for a few days to visit Beijing and Shanghai for their Honeymoon. And as a gift, the groom's brother bought them a guided tour in Spanish, in both Beijing and Shanghai. They took strolls in old historic streets and visited so many hidden sites while getting in touch with the Chinese culture and lifestyle in these two cities. And best of all: they could do this tour with comfort and without any worries or problems that might ruin their honeymoon.


Visiting Beijing, Shanghai or any Chinese city with a local guide not only lets you to know the city as a tourism, but gives you the opportunity to experience the real side of this great country. Just like our customers, who did not miss out on any sites, nor of Shanghai nor of Beijing, and also could walk through the streets and markets less crowded and known by tourists. A true Chinese experience.


  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Number of travelers: 8
  • Tour Type: Local Culture / Folklore

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