Looking for a city tour in Madrid? Book with Servantrip your guide to make the excursions or routes you decide.

City Tour Service in Madrid

The city tour service in Madrid is the most simple and flexible option to discover this city in Spain. It gives you the possibility to decide how long to hire the service and what places to see and visit.

But it isn’t your only option. If you don’t know what places to see or what to do in Madrid, we can offer you an already prepared tour so you can choose the itinerary that interests you most.

What to do with your City Tour in Madrid

With the city tour service in Madrid you have the freedom to choose what to do:

- You can prepare your own route and tell the guide the places you would like to visit in the city.
- You can do a themed route through Madrid, for example a historic, cultural or gastronomic tour. (We have more options, too!)
- You can choose a specific place you would like to discover in depth and the guide will be happy to show you.

As you can see, you have all the options that you need at your fingerprints.

About Madrid

In Spain's capital, one minute you could be walking down a sleek, modern boulevard and the next you could be wandering 17th century cobblestone streets. Madrid really is the perfect contrast of old and new.

When you visit the bustling city center of Madrid, you will be surrounded by astoundingly grand architecture, noisy corner bars, world-famous museums and plenty of shops. Don't waste time reading guide books or trying to figure out the public transportation - just join our city tour and see all Madrid has to offer without any of the stressful planning.

What can you see in Madrid?

Within the immense touristic offer of Madrid, a city tour will be able to take you to the gorgeous and attractive places we’ve listed below:

- Plaza Mayor
- Puerta del Sol
- Retiro Park
- The Royal Palace

Advantages of the City Tour Service in Madrid

The city tour service in Madrid has a number of differentiating features from the tour that you can find elsewhere, such as:

- Safety and quality: Each Servantrip guide is a carefully certified professional to ensure he/she will be reliable and of high quality.
- Best fixed prices: The price you see is the one you pay, you do not have to negotiate or run the risk that it will change at the end of the service.
- Flexibility: Being a private city tour service, you decide what to do and what to visit in Madrid, instead of going to the rhythm of a group visiting places that may be less interesting to you.