How To Create the Best Playlist for Your Next Trip

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Amidst all the other planning that goes into a vacation, sometimes the ultimate playlist is forgotten. But, we know that having the perfect soundtrack makes early morning airport check-in lines and long train journeys much more fun. The hard question is… what makes a good playlist? Well, we’ve concocted a formula of songs that will help you build the perfect playlist - no matter if you are going to be beach bumming or city crawling.

  • The Guilty Pleasure Song: It might be a classic boy-band anthem or a song that everyone else loves to hate, but you secretly absolutely love it. It makes you happy, so put it on your list!
  • The Current Number One Hit: As long as you aren’t sick of hearing it yet, add it to your list! We love that “new favorite song” feeling and this is the perfect way to capture that!
  • Lesser Known Songs: We think you should add a handful of songs that you might not know all the words to, might not be popular yet or might be from a band you just discovered. If you don’t know it *that* well, you won’t get sick of it and skip it every time it comes up on your playlist throughout your trip.
  • The Oldie-But-A-Goodie: It might be a song your parents used to make you listen to or one from decades before you were born, but a classic song that always brings a smile to your face is definitely needed on your playlist.
  • Slow Songs: Yes, you definitely want a fair share of upbeat music to keep you energized, but you’ll want to mix in some slower songs because balance is a good thing!
  • Songs From Your Destination: Throw in a few songs from where you are going. Headed to Texas? Put a few country music songs in the mix. Headed to Latin America? Add a few reggaeton or bachata hits. This will get you in the mood (and will make you feel like a local when you know the words and you hear it in public!)
  • Depending on the length of your trip, your playlist might be 25 songs, it might be 250! There are no right or wrong answers in terms of perfect order, song number or exact lists.

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