A Servantrip Traveler Experience in Casablanca

Place: Casablanca

Name of the professional: Mikidadi

Estimated duration: 8 horas

So you want to take a cruise? Then you need to know this cruise hack!

Name of the professional: Mikidadi

Client name: Francesca


So you want to take a cruise? Sounds like that dream vacation you've been waiting for; Relaxing, fun, the open sea. This are the best cruise hacks and tricks to enjoy your trip since the first day. 


Well, not quite! Believe it or not, taking a cruise can be a little overwhelming or even stressful. Especially if you dock in a place you would like to explore, or maybe do your own thing. But instead you are stuck with whatever boring tour options the cruise ship offers. On top of that, you can only say the words ""Thank You"" in the local language and people are swarming around you like sharks trying to sell you overpriced excursions and phony merchandise. We know that life on the cruise ship is pretty nice. There is a countless number of activities that you can get into such as dancing, games, swimming, napping, or maybe even a buffet with 24 hour access to all sorts of delicious food. Generally speaking, when you are on the ship, you are for the most part calm, relaxed, and disconnected from the chaotic world back home. But most cruise ships make at least one stop, or in most cases multiple stops, for passengers to get out and explore for a couple hours. Remember that you are limited on time, and you definitely do not want to waste it trying to figure out how everything works, where to go and what to do. You don't want to end up sitting at that local restaurant the entire time like everyone else from your cruise ship. Instead, you are going to want to make the most of your short time at that stop. So we are going to tell you about a couple of our customers who did exactly that.


Servantrip Experience: The best cruise hacks and tricks A Mexican couple traveled to Europe to take a cruise in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. Their first stop was Barcelona, Spain. They had decided to book a tour guide with Servantrip beforehand who was waiting for them at the dock where they arrived. As soon as they arrived, the tour guide took them by the hand and all over Barcelona. They got to see some of the important sites such as the Sagrada Familia and Parke Güell, and with enough time to make it back to the cruise ship before it leaves. The next stop on their cruise was Casablanca, Morocco. And after having such a great time in Barcelona, they decided to book another tour guide in Casablanca to take them around the city. So the ship docked and they walked down to the port where their guide was waiting to pick them up and take them on an 8 hour excursion of downtown Casablanca. They went shopping in the famous Moroccan market, walked along the Cornish, and visited the Hassan II Mosque which has the tallest minaret in the world, measuring 210 meters high. They then made their way back to the cruise ship in time for departure.


As you can see, this is the best way to enjoy your cruise time both on and off the cruise ship. Having a tour guide to take you around the cities you dock can surely help you make the most of your cruise, where ever it may go."


  • Duration: 8 horas
  • Number of travelers: 3
  • Tour Type: Historic, Local Culture / Folklore

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