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Either you are travelling to Sochi for the first time or you are a continuous visitor, we already know that you are in love with this city. Sochi is the coastal city of Russia on the Black Sea, and a previous location for the Olympics Games, which made the city a popular attraction among tourists and locals alike. It is especially popular during the summer, as a beach resort. In Sochi you will find a lot of landmarks to explore as well, for example some of 20th-century neoclassical buildings such as the columned Winter Theatre. Take a walk in the forested Sochi National Park, a 1,937 protected area in the nearby Caucasus Mountains. In order to remember this trip as a great adventure, and have the feeling of safety and comfort thought the way, hire services of Servantrip, and enjoy your visit to the amazing country of Russia.

Sochi - Sochi International Airport (AER)

Sochi International Airport is one of the ten leading airports in Russia for passenger traffic on domestic routes. Based on the results of 2016, the International Airport of Sochi was awarded the title of the world's best in the quality of passenger service among airports with a passenger flow of more than 2 million people per year.