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Whenever you are travelling to Granada, get ready for an amazing journey! This beautiful city, full of unique Moorish architecture, is a perfect place to dive in the amazing culture and history. A popular destination among tourists and locals alike, this beautiful Spanish city is full of landmarks, which are worth visiting. Explore the Moorish heritage starting from buildings which date back to the time of occupation, especially the Alhambra. In order to remember this trip as a great adventure, and have the feeling of safety and comfort thought the way, hire services of Servantrip, and enjoy your visit to the amazing country of Spain.

Granada - Federico García Lorca Airport (GRX)

Federico García Lorca Airport is situated about 15 km from the centre of the city, with almost a million visitors annually. On June 13, 2006 it was officially named after the poet Federico García Lorca, born near Granada.