Bucket List Goals: 16 Foods in 16 Different Countries

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Food brings people from all over the world together, which is why it is such an important part of traveling. Add these 16 foods from around the world that you NEED to try before you die… bon apetite!

Country: Brazil

Food: Feijoada - a stew of black beans and smoked beef and pork.

Country: Greece

Food: Gyros - meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie and served with tomato, onion, and a variety of sauces. Gyros can usually be found as a street food and are definitely worth a try!

Country: Spain

Food: Jamon Iberico - savory, cured ham usually served with crusty bread, olives or cheese. If you're in Spain, you will see this EVERY WHERE - and you have to try it!

Country: Argentina

Food: Asado - grilled meats — and grilled Argentinian steak is world famous!


Food: Moules-frites - mussels and french fries. A classic that you can get many places - but was born and perfected in Belgium!

Country: USA

Food: Hamburger - can’t miss the classic burger! Hot, fresh off the grill, personalized to your liking... make sure you find a local place to indulge in this tradition!

Country: Vietnam

Food: Pho - spiced broth and rice noodles. (Some say it is the perfect hangover cure!)

Country: Venezuela

Food: Pabellon Criollo - Black beans, rice, shredded meat (usually served with fried plantains)

Country: India

Food: Tandoori chicken - spiced chicken cooked in a special oven. A classic that can be found all over the world. If you are in India, you have to try the original!

Country: Scotland

Food: Smoked Salmon on Brown Bread - simple but delicious!

Country: Taiwan

Food: Coffin bread - thick white bread French Toast, that is hollowed out and stuffed.

Country: Italy

Food: Pizza - obviously a bucket list item. Cheesy, saucy, crunchy - you gotta have it!

Country: Thailand

Food: Pad Thai - the world famous stir fry noodles.

Country: Germany

Food: Currywurst - bratwurst served with curry ketchup (and usually fries, too!) This is usually a street food, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Country: Canada

Food: Poutine - french fries, brown gravy, cheese curds - what’s not to love?

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