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Most people travel in order to see the beautiful places in the world. Whether it’s the mountains of the Andes, the banks of the Nile or the sandy beaches of Southeast Asia, the globe is covered in breathtaking vistas. Since the world as so much to offer, it is our role as travelers to protect it! There are several ways to be eco-friendly while on the road. Take the tips below and put them to use - every little bit helps!

Carry a reusable water bottle and reusable bag with you at all times.

Not only will you save money by drinking tap water, you will also be reducing plastic waste! (Of course, if you aren’t in a place where the tap water is drinkable, take the necessary precautions to stay healthy). Also, many countries charge for plastic bags at markets, so carry your own. Not only will you save a few cents, but it's another small way to reduce your own personal waste!

Choose a green hotel

Look for certified green hotels that use renewable energy, recycle, use environmentally friendly cleaning products. If this is not possible for your destination, ask your concierge to only have your bed sheets changed every few days, reuse your towels and learn their recycling policy.

Take a bike - or walk!

Biking and walking are a great way to see any community - large or small! Chances are you will stumble upon a place or two that you didn’t have in your plans, plus it’s good for your health! Most major cities have bike share programs, so be sure to keep your eyes out for them when you get to your destination. If biking or walking seems out of the question, take a bus! Public transportation is must better for the environment than renting a car.

Take a direct flight

If you are taking a flight, try to book the most direct route. While it might be a bit more expensive, the environment will thank you! Landing and taking off use the most fuel (by far), so by taking a direct flight, you help reduce the amount of take-offs and landings that are happening.

Drink Local

Drinking a locally brewed beer or a wine from a nearby valley not only lets you try new flavors, but it also is great for the environment! Since the beverage didn’t have to travel very far (or even from around the world), less carbon emissions were put into the environment. We call this a win-win for sure!

Carry a solar charger

There are several relatively cheap solar chargers available online today. Purchase one and use it to charge your phone, camera and other tech items. This will cut down on your electricity usage (especially in places where electricity is difficult to get), without forcing you to cut your cords.

Shop smart

Buy fruit and vegetables at local markets. Not only will this mean that you are (usually) eating locally sourced food (and supporting local farmers), but it usually results in less packaging as well. Avoid any foods that have excessive plastic packaging. (Again, every piece of plastic waste in the world has to go *somewhere*!) If you are going to eat at a restaurant, look for ones advertising local produce or, if that’s not possible, eat local dishes at mom-and-pop-style places that will most likely use what’s produced nearby.

Spread the word

Share with other travelers your advice and your eco-friendly habits! Maybe you will inspire someone else to make a change!

These all might seem like tiny actions, but the truth is that every action helps. We all can’t individually save the world, but by doing your part, we can sustain the beauty of the world a little bit longer. Even if you just opt in to a few of these tips, it’s a start! is owned by Servantrip Network SL, CIF B87247359, address - Reina Mercedes street, 22 - 28020 Madrid (Spain).

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