The Best Souvenirs You Can Find in European Grocery Stores

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We don’t know about you, but one of our favorite things about traveling is the food! Flavors, smells and recipes are so important to every culture and it is one of the best ways to get to know people different than you. For this reason alone, we think food is one of the best souvenirs you can bring home from places you visit! Not only can most of these gifts be purchased at grocery stores at affordable prices, but they can also let you share a bit of foreign adventure with your friends and family back home! If you’re headed to Europe, be sure to bring this list of the best grocery store souvenirs and stock up while you’re traveling!

Yorkshire Tea - UK

This classic tea is a British staple. Not only is it delicious, but it is also lightweight, so it will be easy to fit into your bag on the way home!

Dried Thyme - France

Thyme is on the of the world-famous provence spices and is used in a lot of traditional French dishes. Fresh thyme is tried and is a easy, delicious, versatile souvenir!

Sardines - Portugal

Tinned sardines are salty, delicious and everywhere in Portugal! (In fact, you will find stores that only sell tinned fish!) Small, but packs a punch - meaning they are definitely worth taking home!

Haribo - Germany

While gummy candy can be found around the world, but there is something special when it is from the home country! Also, you will be able to find varieties of Haribo in Germany that you can’t find anywhere else in the world, so stock up on the unique flavors to take home and show off!

French Soap - France

Okay, while this isn’t something you can eat, France is famous for their soaps and they can easily be picked up at any grocery store. This is a cheap, delicious-smelling and fun gift for you or your loved ones!

Paprika - Hungary

Paprika is used in a variety of Hungarian dishes. If you buy some at a grocery store, we guarantee that the Paprika will be some of the most flavorful and fresh you’ve ever tasted! This flavorful spice should definitely be on your shopping list!

Olive Oil - Spain, Greece, Italy

Olive Oil is used around the world, but it is famous as a staple in the Mediterranean diet. Look for local brands that you won’t be able to find back home! (Pro-tip: wrap the bottle in a ziploc bag so if it does leak, it won’t get all over your clothes!)

Saffron - Spain

Another spice that is worth bringing home is the saffron from Spain. Not only is it cheaper in Spain than it would be at home, but the yellow hues will remind you of all of the delicious paella you ate while in Spain!

Cloudberries - Finland

Cloudberries are a yellow-orange berry grown in the Nordic states. In Finland, you can find jams, candies and liqueurs made out of cloudberries that will be perfect for taking home!

Fleur de Sel - Spain, France

Your foodie friends will know the value of a high quality salt. Pick up a cute container of delicious mediterranean salt in either Spain or France to take back with you!

Mustard - France, Germany

Mustard is another gift that you can find at home, but chances are in France or Germany you should be able to find a local, different brand that you won’t be able to get back home. Plus, after time in either France or Germany, you won’t be able to think of your meals without a delicious, high-quality mustard.

Reindeer Jerky - Norway

Reindeer is a meat very common in the Nordic states. Pick up a pack of reindeer jerky for a delicious, salty treat that is a nice twist on the beef jerky you may be able to buy back home.

Chocolate - Belgium

Belgium is a chocolate lovers dream destination. Take back the artisanal sweets - we will be surprised if they last longer than the flight home!

Liquorice - Iceland

Liquorice is super popular in the Nordic region, especially Iceland. Grab any type of the many different varieties of liquorice candies to take home with you!

Arancini - Croatia

These candied bitter orange peels are absolutely irresistible! Sweet and sour lovers alike with love these treats - so maybe pick up a few bags - your friends and family will thank you! is owned by Servantrip Network SL, CIF B87247359, address - Reina Mercedes street, 22 - 28020 Madrid (Spain).

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