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It’s hard not to fall in love with Brazil - they have everything! The music, the beaches, the wildlife, and the people all make Brazil one of the world's most captivating places, Brazil has attractions that extend from frozen-in-time colonial towns to thundering waterfalls, samba filled cities, sandy beaches and lush rain forests. Before you visit, check out our guide to all the basics of Brazil. Knowing this type of information will let you explore with confidence!

General Information: 

  • Currency: Real (written as R$)
  • Population: 206 million
  • Emergency Numbers: 192 (ambulance), 193 (fire), 194 (police), 191 (highway police)
  • Brazil's official language is Portuguese. English is still under-spoken by most Brazilians, even by folks working in hospitality in major tourist destinations.

Working hours

Businesses are usually open from 08:00 or 09:00 to 17:00 or 18:00. Banks open Monday to Friday, 10:00-16:00. Street shops tend to close at noon on Saturday and only re-open on Monday.


  • Mosquitos are definitely an issue throughout the country - be sure to cover up and use bug spray!
  • Wear sunscreen! The Brazilian sun is hot, hot, hot! Even if you usually don’t use SPF, we recommend it.
  • Tap water is safe in most urban areas but doesn’t always taste great. Most Brazilians buy bottled water.


  • Agree with the taxi driver on the price of your journey before they set off. Typically, drivers will not set their meters and will try to rip you off - so be very careful about taking taxis. (If you are taking a taxi from the airport, we recommend booking with an agency inside of the airport so you won’t get stuck paying a ridiculous fee).
  • The bus system in Brazil is actually very advanced and nice. When traveling between cities, buses are often cheaper and easier than flights, so be sure to check out this option for transportation!


  • Don’t wear flashy jewelry or expensive phone. It’s the first thing that muggers look out for to target someone.
  • Use ATMs inside shopping malls or transportation stations. Don’t use the ATM machines on the streets - you will also be targeted by muggers this way.
  • Look both ways before crossing the street! Traffic in Brazil can be crazy and drivers (especially motorbike drivers) are not always on the lookout for pedestrians! Better safe than sorry!

The Beach

Brazil is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and they love to spend time there. Just a heads up - Brazilians love to flaunt their bodies! Join in the fun, muster up the confidence and don’t be afraid to show some skin - you will fit right in!

Also, flip flops don’t just belong on the beach in Brazil! Beach-loving Brazilians wear their flip-flops everywhere, so take advantage of the invitation to be casual! Grab yourself a pair of Haivianas and live in them - just like the locals!

The People

In general, Brazilians are friendly and free-spirited, so don’t be surprised if you make several new friends during your vacation! When in Brazil, do like the Brazilians do - spend time with the people you love, soak up the sun on the beaches and dance in the streets! The more you live like a Brazilian during your stay, the more memories you will make! is owned by Servantrip Network SL, CIF B87247359, address - Reina Mercedes street, 22 - 28020 Madrid (Spain).

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