if you need any legal assistance then it is advised that you book a lawyer at Servantrip

What do we offer?

The opportunity to book a legal advice service with a professional whose credentials have been previously validated by Servantrip. Every lawyer has gone through a document validation process as well as an interview in order to offer a high quality and reliable service.

How does it work?

The process of hiring a lawyer is simple: Choose the language in which you would like to receive the service, the date, the city, and pay the booking deposit.
Then you can select the meeting point for your lawyer, as well as get in contact with them to discuss the details of your initial consultation.

About Moscow

Moscow is a sizable cosmopolitan, with more than 10 million inhabitants, that is full of all types of businesses and corporations. And in today's world, Moscow has become an essential link connecting the Eastern and Western worlds, and thus attracting investors, businessmen, entrepreneurs and more.

What can I see in Moscow

Moscow is a beautiful city that is known for its historical monuments and tourist attractions. But it has also developed an interest in the eyes of businesses as well as investors. There is a section of the city that is know as the MIBC (Moscow International Business Center), it is the commercial center and is full of towering skyscrapers, to include the Federation tower which is known as the tallest building in Europe.

Why book a Lawyer in Lawyer

Differences in language, legal regulations and the political system are serious factors that would need to be taken into consideration when doing business in Russia. Having a local lawyer by your side would be a good advantage to have when taking care of any legal affairs you in Moscow. Russia has potential so if you want to invest do it the right way according to their regulations get a lawyer for Servantrip..

Additional information
What is included?
  • Through our lawyer service in Spain, you will receive high quality and reliable legal assistance. We have lawyer who specialize in:
  • Advice on starting a business, as well as its legal registration and foundation.
  • Commercial and international partnerships as well as partnerships with local companies.
  • Advice on purchasing, leasing, etc. of real estate.
  • Administrative procedures with local authorities. Procedimientos administrativos con las autoridades locales.
  • Family affairs: adoption, separation, divorce, etc.
  • This is for an initial consultation with a lawyer in Moscow who can understand your case and give you professional legal advice. If you would like to hire them for a second consultation or further legal assistance, you can do this directly with the lawyer.
  • Quality and reliable service: Expert lawyers who have gone through a document validation process, an interview, and a language level verification by our team. Their certifications, law school degrees, and BAR exams have also been verified.
  • Low prices: Being that we deal directly with local lawyers at the destination city, we can guarantee prices that are better than booking this service from your home country.
  • Save time: You no longer have to search through websites and blogs just to find a lawyer whose credentials you are still not sure of.
  • Book in 3 steps: Booking an appointment with a lawyer in Moscow is as easy as buying a plane ticket or booking a hotel room.
  • Easy cancelation: You can cancel your appointment 48 hours before it is due to start.