Your experience in Shanghai would be so much better if you take a guided tour to all the site you want to see in the capital of China.

What do we offer?

The opportunity to book a legal advice service with a professional whose credentials have been previously validated by Servantrip. Every lawyer has gone through a document validation process as well as an interview in order to offer a high quality and reliable service.

How does it work?

The process of hiring a lawyer is simple: Choose the language in which you would like to receive the service, the date, the city, and pay the booking deposit.
Then you can select the meeting point for your lawyer, as well as get in contact with them to discuss the details of your initial consultation.

About Shanghai

Shanghai, apart from being a significant destination for tourists, it is also one of the main financial and commercial cities in China, and has one of the most active ports in the world. With over 20 million people, Shanghai is a center of tourist attraction and business that brings visitors from all over the world.

What can I see in Shanghai

You can choose between traditional and modern areas in Shanghai, such as the Bund or Pudong. You can find amazing buildings such as the Shanghai Financial Center which stands at 492 meters high, or the Shanghai Center which stands 568 meters high, both considered two of the tallest skyscrapers in China. There are also more traditional and ancient areas such as the Historic Center, Xintiandi, or Shikumen colonial zone.
Also well worth visiting is the world renowned Jade Buddha Temple, along with the Yuyuan Gardens, The People's Square and Nanjing mythical streets and Zhapu Iu.

Why book an Lawyer in Shanghai

Finding a lawyer can be difficult, especially in a country with a very different language as well as different rules and regulations; which can put you in a lot of trouble if not followed correctly.

At Servantrip we take serious precautions to properly interview and certify all of our professionals, making sure they are properly qualified to assist you. Our vast network of lawyers are experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in different sectors of law, as well as the local legislation and culture.

Additional information
What is included?
  • Through our lawyer service in Shanghai, you will receive high quality and reliable legal assistance. We have lawyers who specialize in:
  • Advice on starting a business, as well as its legal registration and foundation.
  • Commercial and international partnerships as well as partnerships with local companies.
  • Advice on purchasing, leasing, etc. of real estate.
  • Administrative procedures with local authorities. Procedimientos administrativos con las autoridades locales.
  • Family affairs: adoption, separation, divorce, etc.
  • This is for an initial consultation with a lawyer in Shanghai who can understand your case and give you professional legal advice. If you would like to hire them for a second consultation or further legal assistance, you can do this directly with the lawyer.
  • Quality and reliable service: Expert lawyers who have gone through a document validation process, an interview, and a language level verification by our team. Their certifications, law school degrees, and BAR exams have also been verified.
  • Low prices: Being that we deal directly with local lawyers at the destination city, we can guarantee prices that are better than booking this service from your home country.
  • Save time: You no longer have to search through websites and blogs just to find a lawyer whose credentials you are still not sure of.
  • Book in 3 steps: Booking an appointment with a lawyer in Shanghai is as easy as buying a plane ticket or booking a hotel room.
  • Easy cancellation: You can cancel your appointment 48 hours before it is due to start.