Private Driver in Beijing

Reserve a private driver service in Beijing with Servantrip and move around the city in comfort and safety at the best price. Certified Drivers.

Private Driver Service in Beijing

Booking a private driver service in Beijing is the best way to move safely and comfortably through this city from China.

With this service you will have a private driver available to go wherever you want in Beijing (or even in the outskirts) for as long as you decide to hire.

To hire your private driver in Beijing you only have to select the duration of the service, the date desired and the meeting point with the professional.

What to do with a Private Driver in Beijing?

There are many reasons why you might need a private driver in Beijing, but we've listed some of the most practical reasons why this service is so useful:

- Professional reasons: If you go to Beijing to attend a professional meeting or event and you need transportation to and from that site on time and without the risk of getting lost.
- Get to know Beijing: You can book a driver to visit and explore different points of the city.
- Go to the suburbs: If you have to go to places less accessible than the center of Beijing, the private driver service takes you where you want without depending on public transportation.
- Go to other cities: It is also possible to leave from Beijing to make routes to other cities in China.

About Beijing

Beijing is an ever-changing megacity that is rich in history, yet truly modern. While the city's history dates back three millennia, Beijing has an extaordinary global influence in culture, sports, architecture, fashion, art, innovation, politics and business.

Beijing's subway system is the busiest and second largest in the city, thus making it very tricky for tourists. Hiring a private driver in Beijing will allow you to see all the sites the city has to offer without the stress of public transportation. Our certified driver can take you from the Great Wall to the Forbidden City, and everywhere in between!

What can you see in Beijing?

If you are in Beijing and have a private driver at your disposal, you will have a multitude of activities and places to visit during the booked time. Here are some of them:

- Tiananmen Square
- Great Wall of China
- Forbidden City
- Summer Palace

Advantages of a Private Driver Service in Beijing

Traveling to Beijing with a private driver is a privilege at your fingertips. You have the advantage of not having to navigate the city on your own. Also, you have the security of traveling with a certified professional at a fixed price. Finally, you don’t need to depend on public or shared transport, you travel directly to where you want and at the time you want.