Private Driver in Hong Kong

Reserve your private driver in Hong Kong with Servantrip and move around the city with Comfort and Safety at a Fixed Price. Certified Drivers.

Private Driver Service in Hong Kong

Booking a private driver service in Hong Kong is the best way to move safely and comfortably through this city from China.

With this service you will have a private driver available to go wherever you want in Hong Kong (or even in the outskirts) for as long as you decide to hire.

To hire your private driver in Hong Kong you only have to select the duration of the service, the date desired and the meeting point with the professional.

What to do with a Private Driver in Hong Kong?

Having a private driver in Hong Kong will allow you to:

- Take a tour of different points of the city.
- Go to a meeting or event and have the driver take you from your hotel to the place, or vice versa.
- Make a trip to another place near Hong Kong, such as Victoria Peak or Tian Tan Buddha.
- Go to the outskirts of Hong Kong without having to rely on public transportation.

About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city of colours, alive during the day and night, always thriving and buzzling around you. Its vibrant, densely populated urban centre is a major port and global financial hub with a skyscraper-studded skyline. It is one of few places where ancient Chinese culture mixes with the modern metropolis.
In order not to get lost in this major city, we recommend you to hire our service of a private driver. Enjoy the convenience of your personal ride, which will help you explore the city at its fullest, and gain an unforgettable experience in Hong Kong.

What can you see in Hong Kong?

If you are in Hong Kong and have a private driver at your disposal, you will have a multitude of activities and places to visit during the booked time. Here are some of them:

- Victoria Peak
- Tian Tan Buddha
- Chi Lin Nunnery
- Po Lin (Precious Lotus) Monastery

Advantages of a Private Driver Service in Hong Kong

Despite being a beautiful city, Hong Kong can be complicated or uncomfortable because you might not have the means or navigational skills to know the city well in a short amount of time.

The private driver service in Hong Kong allows you to move with the freedom or flexibility you need around the city, visit places you want at your own pace, and all without having to rely on third parties or public transportation.

Also, you are guaranteed to be hiring a private, professional and certified driver at a fixed price, avoiding the risks that you will be charged more at the end of your journey.