Reserve your private driver in Sao Paulo with Servantrip and move around the city with Comfort and Safety at a Fixed Price. Certified Drivers.

Private Driver Service in Sao Paulo

Servantrip offers you a private driver service in Sao Paulo so you can tour the city or go to the places you want to visit during the booked length of time.

Booking your private driver in Sao Paulo is as easy as selecting the date, length of service and pick-up location. With this you will have everything you need to enjoy in a comfortable and safe stay in Sao Paulo.

About Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is not only the largest city in Brazil, but in the entire Southern Hemisphere! Don't let its size infimidate you, though, Sao Paulo is definitley worth visiting. Not only is it home to several of the tallest buildings in Brazil, but it also has incredible parks, international cuisine, live sports, art museums and much, much more!
However, the city does sprawl over 1,500 square kilometers, and therefore can seem impossible to navigate. We recommend hiring a private driver to show you the city so you can truly enjoy it without the hassle and fear of getting lost or the uncomfortableness of public transportation.

What can you see in Sao Paulo?

Sao Paulo is a very rich city and full of tourist and historical value, so you have to choose well what to do or where to go, especially if you do not have much time available. Good planning is key, but certainly with the Servantrip private driver service in Sao Paulo you will have everything you want to visit at your fingertips.

Here are some examples of places you can visit in Sao Paulo:

- Ibirapuera Park
- Paulista Avenue
- Municipal Market of Sao Paulo
- Sao Paulo Art Museum

Advantages of a Private Driver Service in Sao Paulo

Traveling with a private driver in Sao Paulo provides a number of advantages, such as those listed below:

- Comfort: Our private driver is there for you when and where you need it. You don’t need to rely on third parties or public transport or run the risk of getting lost.
- Safety: Avoid traveling in a vehicle with someone whose credentials or experience you do not know. All our driver are professionals and certified.
- Fixed Price: You will never pay too much or there will not be unpleasant surprises in the prices.

All our prices are previously agreed with the private driver to give you the best possible rates.