Reserve your private driver in Cairo with Servantrip and move around the city with Comfort and Safety at a Fixed Price. Certified Drivers.

Private Driver Service in Cairo

Servantrip offers you a private driver service in Cairo so you can tour the city or go to the places you want to visit during the booked length of time.

Booking your private driver in Cairo is as easy as selecting the date, length of service and pick-up location. With this you will have everything you need to enjoy in a comfortable and safe stay in Cairo.

What to do with a Private Driver in Cairo?

Cairo is a city of a large population and with an impractical public transportation system, which means it is especially useful to have a private driver service at your disposal so you can enjoy trips such as:

Move from one point from Cairo to another: For example you need go to a meeting or event and you just need to be dropped off or picked up.
- Take a tour: You can tour several points of the city and make small stops to explore.
- Visit the suburbs: Cairo has nice places to enjoy outside the city center that you could visit with your driver.
- Go to other cities: If you travel to Cairo but you would like to visit some other city, our private driver could take you there.

About Cairo

Cairo is Egypt's sprawling capital, famous for its proximity to the famous Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Sakkara. But there is so much more to the city, including ancient places of worship, excellent food, bustling markets and hundreds of historically significant landmarks, streets and buildings.

In order to make the most of your time in Cairo, we recommend you hire a private driver. A private driver will allow you to quickly move around the city without you needing to know the local language or understand the public transportation system. Because Cairo is so spread out, a private driver is the best way to navigate the city and enjoy your stay.

What can you see in Cairo?

If you are in Cairo and have a private driver at your disposal, you will have a multitude of activities and places to visit during the booked time. Here are some of them:

- Giza Pyramid Complex
- Mosque of Muhammad Ali
- The Hanging Church
- Al-Azhar Mosque

Advantages of a Private Driver Service in Cairo

Traveling with a private driver in Cairo provides a number of advantages, such as those listed below:

- Comfort: Our private driver is there for you when and where you need it. You don’t need to rely on third parties or public transport or run the risk of getting lost.
- Safety: Avoid traveling in a vehicle with someone whose credentials or experience you do not know. All our driver are professionals and certified.
- Fixed Price: You will never pay too much or there will not be unpleasant surprises in the prices.

All our prices are previously agreed with the private driver to give you the best possible rates.

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Driving in Cairo seems to be CRAZY!!!! but I felt safe with our driver

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Was worth while, no effort. Would recommend service. Pick-up on time, friendly and helpful driver

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Nice trip to our hotel. We shared the boat with three other couples, being the last to be dropped off. The driver / captain took us to our hotel, although it was a little out of the way. Would definitely use this service again

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5/ 5

Our first transfer to a theme park didn't go well. This service was great!! On-time for both pick-up and departure. The drivers were courteous and friendly. I would highly recommend this transport. Although the price for the service is probably too high, I felt it was money well spent

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Excellent service. Worth every penny

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