Private Shuttle to or from the Lisbon Airport

Are you looking for a shuttle service in Lisbon? Reserve with Servantrip a transfer to or from the Lisbon airport.

Private Shuttle Service to or from the Lisbon Airport

The private shuttle service from the airport in Lisbon is the easiest, most comfortable and safest way to travel to or from the airport in the city.

If you arrive at the Lisbon Portela Airport airport and would like a driver there waiting for you, all you have to do it tell us the date and time and we will be there!

If you are leaving Lisbon from the Lisbon Portela Airport airport, simply select the date, hour and place you would like to be picked up from and the driver will take you to the airport. It’s that simple.

What is the Private Shuttle Service to or from the Lisbon Airport?

The private shuttle service to and from the Lisbon airport consists of having a private driver at your disposal who will be looking for you at the airport in order to take you into the city or vice versa.

On the Servantrip platform you only have to indicate if you are going to or from the airport, choose the date and time you want the driver to be there to pick you up and confirm the reservation. That is all you need to receive the shuttle service to the Lisbon airport.

About Lisbon

Lisbon is a beautiful and colourful city and a capital of Portugal. It has a lot to offer to a first-time traveller, starting from world famous tiled buildings which represent an important cultural heritage, to unique historical landmarks and amazing picturesque views.
Before hopping onto the plane, make sure you are prepared for the millions of tourists travelling to Lisbon with you. Book in advance a place in our private shuttle that will meet you at the Lisbon Portela Airport, and have a worry-free first hours in Lisbon.

Why book the Private Shuttle Service to the Lisbon Airport?

The private shuttle service to the airport is without a doubt the easiest way to go from Lisbon to the airport or from the airport to the city. You can travel in a safe, comfortable way that fits your times and needs. Forget about any of the doubts or complications of getting lost on public transportation or paying hidden fees.

Do not hesitate, book now your shuttle to the Lisbon airport and enjoy this experience at the best price.

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