Traditional Russian Foods You Must Taste On Your Next Trip

Created by Servantrip - September 29, 2017
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Food is one of the best ways to really enjoy and understand a culture. However, sometimes when you're traveling, it's difficult to even know where to start! If you are headed to Russia, here is our guide to what you absolutely MUST try while you're in town.

Pelmeni – a meat-stuffed, dough that will remind you of dumplings or tortellini - are one of our favorites! They might be topped with sour cream, mustard, or a variety of other sauces. But, even eaten plain, they are little pockets of goodness!

Caviar (aka fish eggs) - a delicacy that dates back for centuries in Russia. While you can seek out the very expensive caviar, you will also see it on menus throughout the country. Never tried caviar? Russia is the place to dig in and give it a try!

Vodka - More than 70% of all alcohol consumed in Russia is vodka. You will be able to find not just different brands of Vodka, but different flavors as well! Cheers!

Solyanka - This is a delicious spicy and sour soup. The list of ingredients sounds a little odd – pickled cucumbers, olives, sausage, lemon and cabbage - but just trust us, you’ll love it.

Pirozhki - baked sourdough dumplings, which can be stuffed with pretty much anything – minced meat, onion, eggs, potatoes, cabbage, diamonds or unicorns. These are the perfect snack (you can usually find them sold in bakeries or on the street for $1).

Gingerbread - Gingerbread is baked all over Russia, but the most famous comes from Tula (hence the name, Tula gingerbread). The printed Tula gingerbread is a Russian delicacy and make a delicious, edible souvenir (if you can get it home without eating it first!)

Blini - These are thin pancakes, almost like a crepe, that come in savory or sweet varieties. Blini are beloved and eaten everywhere, so be sure to give several varieties a try! They are affordable, so maybe even have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Kvass - This is a fermented drink made of rye that contains malt, just like beer. Unlike beer it supposedly has almost no alcohol, which is why Russian children are allowed to consume it. Give it a try, see what you think! is owned by Servantrip Network SL, CIF B87247359, address - Reina Mercedes street, 22 - 28020 Madrid (Spain).

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