Solo Travel Tips That Are More Useful Than “Just Be Confident”

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Traveling solo can be nerve-wracking at times and the internet is littered with advice about “being confident” and “smiling through it”. But, sometimes, when a new solo adventure is ahead of you, the pep-talk isn’t enough to make you feel safe and ready. That’s why we decided to ask our staff at Servantrip their favorite solo travel tips that are actionable items. We hope our advice helps!

  • Have an itinerary with the addresses/contact information of the hotels/hostels/airbnbs you are staying in and give it to a trusted friend/family member back home. Also, check in with the friend/family member on a regular basis so they know that you have arrived safely to each destination.
  • Pack a small flashlight. It may seem silly, but in unfamiliar hostels and airbnbs, this will give you an extra level of security when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night or when investigating weird noises.
  • Pack a phone charger (with adapter) and external battery pack. Make sure you phone is always charged *just in case* you need to make a call.
  • Get an international data plan. We know this can be expensive, and we advise planning on using as much free wifi that you can find in cafes and hotels. However, when traveling alone, the last thing you want is to need wifi and not be able to find it. You can view your international data plan as a safety net or insurance, but we know first hand that you will be thankful you had it in the event that you do need it.
  • When asking someone to take a photo of you, always ask a woman (preferably a middle-aged woman). When you are handing over your expensive camera or iPhone, don’t just hand it over to anyone. If you want to have your picture taken (and don’t want to be a selfie-stick user), look for someone who looks like your best friend’s mom. Not only are they less likely to be a thief, but they are more likely to take a great picture, too!
  • Travel light. If you can buy it there, if you’d miss it if it got stolen or if it is irreplaceable - leave it at home!
  • Plan to arrive during the day - this way you won’t be stuck in a sketchy airport at night. And, if you want to go one step further, book your airport transportation ahead of time so you know exactly how you are getting to your first destination where you can regroup and get started exploring!
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