Do you want to know where are the best parties for welcoming the spring season taking place? Here are the most amazing Spring celebrations around the world.

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Blog >> Do you want to know where are the best parties for welcoming the spring season taking place? Here are the most amazing Spring celebrations around the world.

There are festivals and celebrations that take place around the world throughout the year, and vary from country to country. Though the exact day may differ, the coming of Spring is globally the most celebrated natural event regardless of what hemisphere you may be in, so spring celebrations can be found almost everywhere.

Throughout history spring has been celebrated by cultures all over the world welcoming harvest and life. Astronomically, this season begins with the spring equinox, between the 20th and the 21st of March in the northern hemisphere and between the 22nd and the 23rd of September in the southern hemisphere and has a duration of three months.

The orbit of the Earth causes the sun to rises earlier each day, at the same the sunsets are later and later every night. These changes cause the weather to get warmer, plants to start blooming, and people to come out and enjoy life.

The best Spring celebrations around the World

So now that you know how spring works, it is time to pack your bags because here is a list of places that take celebrating this season to the next level.

  • Spring Festival in Mexico: Nature and good vibes

One of the mos curious Spring celebrations around the world, takes place in Teotihuacan. March 21, a day full of mysticism where the elements of nature (earth, water, sun and air) play a major role in the festivities. This day, or even from a day earlier, hundreds of people gather in archaeological sites all over the country dressed in white and charging the atmosphere with energy and good vibes.

  • Spring Celebrations in India: The Holi Festival! (The Festival of colors)
  • Although this festival is not especially done by the beginning of spring, the arrival of the full moon of March is celebrated, and very colorfully indeed. The foundation of this tradition is based on turning away from evil and celebration of life.

    People bring things that they do not need from their homes and burn them to symbolize them getting rid of the bad things in their life and starting a new beginning.

    The original story in Hindu scriptures say that Holika was a demoness that was burned to death with the help of the goddess Vishnu, which is regarded as the triumph of good over evil.

    The festival of Holi is celebrated one day after the Holika, and is truley a cheerful and very colorful celebration where both children and adults throw different colored powder paint at one another all through out India. People sing and dance and genuinely enjoying life, which is the foundation of this colorful party.

    • Spring Celebrations in Egypt: Sham El Nessim (Feast on the Nile)

    The celebration in this country is held during the spring equinox and is called Sham El Nessim, which means "Smelling the Breeze". It dates back more than 4500 years when the Pharaohs called it "Shamo" which means "Renewal of Life".

    The ancient Egyptians calculated it every year by the positioning of the sun over the Giza pyramids during the spring equinox, and it marked the beginning of the agricultural season in ancient Egypt.

    Today, it is still celebrated by both Christian and Muslims alike who gather in parks and social places all over Egypt to eat, sing, laugh, and dance. People also like to have picnics along the Nile river and eat a traditional salted fish called "Fiseekh" along with chives and bread, a true symbol of Sham El Niseem in Egypt.

  • Spring Festival in Russia: Goodbye to the cold winter!
  • The curious celebration of this day in Russia, is not to celebrate the beginning of spring, but more the end of winter. It is celebrated in the month of March, but there is no fixed date so it changes every year. During this traditional day people eat lots of pancakes with caviar or jam, and enjoy the beautiful weather after a harsh winter.

    • Celebration of Spring in Japan: The Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

    From late March to early April the blooming of the Japanese Cherry Blossom trees, or sakura, takes place all over Japan. The celebration is called "Hanami" in Japanese which means "flower viewing", and that is literally what the Japanese do.

    People have picnics and outdoor gatherings to admire the beauty of flowers, which symbolizing a transition of nature, especially since Japanese cherry trees (blossoms) have a very short life of only a week, thus representing the fact that life truly is ephemera and you should always celebrate the moment.

    • Celebration of Spring in China: Homage to the ancestors

    The celebration is called Qingming and occurs in April, specifically on the 104th day after the winter solstice. The tradition is that people gather at the tombs of their ancestors, they clean and offer them food and drink. People sing and dance and a chance to prepare land for harvest.

    Celebrations will differ from one country to another and the dates will always change. But one this is for sure, that people all over the world see Spring as a beautiful and life giving event that should be welcomed by celebrations with family and friends.

    Whether you are eating delicious pancakes in Russia, walking through Cherry blossom field in Japan, or throwing colored paint in India, there is surely something for everyone.

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