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Points of interest in Statue

1 the Indian Gate
2 Pomník mistra Jana Husa
3 Christ the Redeemer statue
4 The monument of Vassil Levski
5 Tsar Osvoboditel (King Liberator) monument
6 Statue of Emperor Nicholas I
7 Bronze Horseman statue
8 The Spit of Vasilyevsky Island
9 The Alexander Column
10 Rostral Columns
11 Ekaterina II Monument
12 Raj Ghat
13 Gateway of India
14 Gogol monument
15 Alcala Gate of Madrid
16 The Obelisk from Egypt
17 Serpentine of Delphi
18 the Askari Monument
19 Obelisk
20 The Monument to the People’s Heroes
21 Colombus Monument