10 Tips For Taking The Best Travel Photos

Created by Servantrip - September 29, 2017
Blog >> 10 Tips For Taking The Best Travel Photos

While every traveller may take thousands of pictures on every trip, only a few make it into the “keeper” pile that is shown to friends and family back home. We all hope to capture the personality, essence and feel of the places we visit, but sometimes we lack the photographic skill. Practice with these ten travel photography tips before your next trip to be assured that you return home with photos you’ll treasure as much as your memories:

  • Get closer. Don’t just zoom - actually move closer to the item or person you are photographing. By getting closer you capture more detail and interest.


    • Experiment with third party apps. If you are using your iPhone (or other Smartphone) look into downloading photo editing apps that will help you perfect the shot that you took.
    • Use the grid feature. When using your smart phone, a grid can show up on the screen This will allow you to follow the rule of thirds (meaning place your subject of your photo where two of these grid lines meet).
    • Keep your photos simple.
    • Show depth in your photos. If you’re struggling to make your photos more three-dimensional, try shooting the picture from a lower angle.
    • Take a selfie! You’ll want to remember the smile on your face while you were enjoying your travels!


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