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With a rise in travelers these days, more and more people travel to China wether for business or leisure. Beijing should always be first on your list.

Its long history, culture, and open minded citizens have been attracting travelers from all corners of the earth. However, the huge difference in language and way of life may be a little bit of a culture shock for someone who is visiting. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you decide to visit the cultural center of China. Welcome to our basic guide to Beijing!

Beijing Capital International Airport

After arriving to the airport in Beijing, your next step would be finding transportation to take you where you need to go. There is a subway line in the airport, however it only goes to the “ DONGZHIMEN” and “SANYUANQIAO” metro stations in the city. So, if you have a lot of luggage or you are in a real hurry, the subway would not be a good choice for you. Taking a taxi may sound like a brilliant idea, but the drivers will probably charge you 2 or 3 times the normal price, especially if they know you are a foreigner. If you are in a rush and don’t feel like being overcharged, a Servantrip Transfer Service would be a wise choice.  We will send a professional certified driver to bring you from the airport to your destination anywhere in Beijing. You will not have to worry about being overcharged because our transfers are at a fixed and reasonable price.

Weather in China

Beijing has a relatively dry climate, it has four seasons so there is also a variety in the weather. During the summer the weather is very hot and  humid, while winters are cold and windy. Autumn is mostly rainy and humid due to the monsoon season. However, Beijing in the spring is very nice, but they may have occasional sand storms that happens once or twice a year. Unfortunately the air quality in Beijing is very poor, so we recommend wearing a mask to avoid inhaling harmful substances.

Money (currency) in Beijing

The local currency in China is the Renminbi (also called Yuan). The current exchange rate is usually around 6 Yuan (CNY) for $1 US Dollar. If you exchange currency, there is an exchange office inside the Beijing Capital National Airport (terminal 2) or you can exchange at The Bank of China.

Tips about Beijing: Transportation services

Subways are always a good way to avoid traffic in Beijing. There are 17 subway lines plus one airport express line that has been recently upgraded in 2015. The subway connects main city center stops such as Tiananmen Square, Qianmen, and the railway station with the suburbs of Beijing.

The price of a subway ticket ranges according to the distance you are going. A Transportation Smart Card is a good recommendation if you plan on frequently using the subway. On the subway the stops are announced in both Chinese and English. You can always ask the subway staff to avoid going in the wrong direction, but keep in mind that most people in Beijing speak very little English.

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What documents do I need before my trip to Beijing?

The tourist (L) and transit (G) visas are probably the ones that you can apply for without assistance from a business, government or academic institution.

If you are transiting in Beijing for less than 24 hours and are in possession of a ticket for an airline, ship, or train that will be taking out of China then you do not require a visa.

If you have a passport from one of the follow 51 countries and regions you can be granted a 72-hour visa during your transit to another destination.

Visitors to China will require a tourist (L) visa which will allow you to travel freely in China except for the region of Tibet. If you are travelling in an organised tour group you might not have an individual visa in your passport. Instead, the tour group will be issued a Group (L) visa. The invitation letter that is issued by the travel agency is required. In these situations you will need to supply your details to the travel agency before you travel.

Chinese language tips

As a foreigner, you will probably face a huge language barrier in China.  Here are some helpful words and phrases that you can use while you are there...but, of course, we highly recommend booking one of our english interpreters in Beijing.


English Mandarin in beijing
Hello 你好 (nǐ hǎo)
Hi! 嗨!(Hi!)
Good morning! 早安!(zǎoān)
morning! 早! (zǎo)
Good bye ! 再见(zài jiàn)
see you! 回见(hui jiàn)
Thank you 谢谢(xiè xiè)
Sorry 对不起(duì bù qǐ)
It’s okey 没关系(méi guān xì )
I do not speak English 我不会说英语(wǒ bú huì shuō yīng yǔ )


Do you speak English? 你会说英语吗?(nǐ huì shuō yīng yǔ ma  )
My name is……. 我叫.......(wǒ jiào …...)
what is your name? 你叫什么名字?(nǐ jiào shí me míng zì)
Where is …..? …….在哪里?(...... zài nǎ lǐ )
Bathroom 卫生间(wèi shēng jiān)
exit 出口(chū kǒu )
entrance 入口(rù kǒu)

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