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Many of us have wondered why there are so many videos of car accidents in Russia, probably more than in any other country. What is the reason behind all these videos, and why are they so common on the internet? Well, believe it or not, pedestrians purposely cause these accidents on public roads in order to collect money from insurance companies.

Yes, it blew our minds when we found out too!

Shockingly, people will purposely lunge themselves in front of moving cars to get injured. That's why drivers have installed video cameras on their dashboards in order to recorded any incidents that may happen and avoid false claims by these pedestrians.

False outrages in Russia

It seems that there was a time when Russians easily and constantly deceived vehicle insurance companies by pretending to be accidentally hit by cars in order to collect insurance money on damages that were done intentionally. So as crazy as it sounds, pedestrians will actually wait on crosswalks, and cross the street just as a car is approaching just to get hit. They will then go file a police report and an insurance claim, and wait for a settlement check to come in the mail. It is that simple.

Traffic laws in Russia are geared to be in favor of the pedestrian in the case of an accident, even if the pedestrian is at fault and the driver is actually innocent. So when a case is taken to court, the jury is always on the pedestrian's side and the trial is practically won before they step in the courtroom.

Well, insurance companies got tired of this blatant abuse of the system, so they asked drivers to install video cameras in their cars in order to identify any fraudulent claims being made during an accident and present it in court.

There are so many videos like these out on the internet that are so fake, it is actually funny. Here is an example:

Recorded videos from dashboard cameras

Although the primary purpose of dashboard cameras in Russian cars was to prevent fraud by pedestrians, But everyone knows that if you have a bunch of cameras mounted in cars and running around the streets of Russia, you are bound to catch a lot more than just insurance fraud.

In 2011 there was a large increase in car cameras circulating all over Russia for the sake of the fight against insurance fraud. But in 2013, some of these cameras caught an amazing sight over the Ural mountains when a meteor blazed through the Earth's atmosphere leaving a mesmerizing trail of light in the sky. A sight that has been rarely caught on camera with such detail and from multiple angles. So thanks to these car cameras, we were able to catch this spectacular view on camera.

Here is a video of the meteor over Russia:

Along with the meteor, these cameras have proven to be very useful by catching other illegal activity such as police extortion, bribery, hit and run incidents, and can even hold as legitimate evidence in a court of law.

Because driving in Russia is not easy…

As you can see, you never know what craziness you can run into when you're cruising around Russia. That is why, if you are taking a trip to this country, we highly recommend booking a driver rather than renting a car, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

That way, you can totally enjoy your trip, because there is nothing better than going with someone who is familiar with the traffic laws as well as the locals who violate it. And most importantly, they will know how to act in any situation that may come up while you are on the road.

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