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Getting around in a foreign country can always be intimidating - but it is a necessary part of travel! When you’re in China, follow these transportation travel tips, no matter if you are traveling by plane, train or automobile. Before you jump into the tips, we want to remind you that while traveling (anywhere in the world) that patience and politeness are important and can make every experience better. With patience, politeness and the cultural cues below, you should have no issues navigating traveling throughout China.

Expect delays

There are over 1.3 billion people in China, so moving around (no matter your mode of transportation) will take time. Delays are especially true for domestic flights, but you will notice delays with traffic on the roads as well. (Bonus tip: make sure you bring an extra pair of clothes and your toothbrush in your carry on, just in case it is a delay longer than expected).

Speaking of delays ...get to the airport early

Even if your flight doesn’t leave on time, you’ll be grateful for the extra time. Chinese airports can be chaotic and overcrowded, so give yourself two hours early for domestic and even more for international flights.

Catching buses and trains in China

While flights are more efficient, trains and bus networks are plentiful, reliable and comfortable throughout China.

Driving in China

Chinese roads can be rather chaotic, so just keep that in mind before you book a rental car.

Catching taxis in China

Taxis are a cheap, safe way to get around urban areas in China. Since many drivers will not speak English, we recommend writing down your destination (in Chinese) to hand to the driver when you get into the cab. is owned by Servantrip Network SL, CIF B87247359, address - Reina Mercedes street, 22 - 28020 Madrid (Spain).

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