Use your frequent flyer miles to travel for free around the world. Really? Yes! you can do this and we will tell you how.

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Blog >> Use your frequent flyer miles to travel for free around the world. Really? Yes! you can do this and we will tell you how.

Almost everyone loves to travel, only a handful of people don't. Everyone would agree though, that moment of paying for a trip is not fun. Spending such amount of money for tickets could be saddening. Now Airlines have frequent flyer miles to travel for free. With these miles, believe it or not, you can score trip tickets for free, Really? Yes! you can do this and we will tell you how.

How to Use Frequent Flyer Miles to Travel for Free

  • Don’t forget to collect miles
  • Never give up your miles. Sign up for frequent traveler programs from airlines or alliances, but never forget about them. Even if you only travel once a year, you never know, you may need them in the future and travel for free.

    TIP: Choose the same airline or alliance (group of airlines) always to accumulate miles, you can transfer from one account to another. The alliances are: Oneworld, Star Alliance and Sky Team.


  • Choose the best credit card
  • Credit cards offer frequent flyer miles to travel for free, but you must be smart when using them for maximum benefit. You should investigate how many miles different credit cards give for every dollar expended and compare, because every program is different.

    TIP: Before choosing your credit card, make sure the bank is a partner with the alliance or airline of your choice, so you can jointly accumulate these flyer miles and get those free tickets asap.


  • Use your frequent flyer miles for high season flights
  • Airlines, as every other company in the world, try to make as much money as they can, following the supply and demand law, they choose their prices. It is well known that during high season (summer, spring break to Christmas), transportation and accommodation prices rice up to twice the normal rate.

    TIP: Before buying your trip ticket, investigate how your miles plan tariffs work, so you can use your frequent flyer miles to travel for free in the best possible way.

As you can see, traveling doesn't necessary have to put a dent on your pocket. Whatever your purpose of traveling is, be it business or pleasure, accumulating frequent flyer miles in the process is highly beneficial. These eventually gets you some free tickets in the future, and hey! some well deserved vacation.

So, if you get to travel for free with your frequent flyer miles, you will definitely save money, which you can later use in other activities, such as hiring a tour guide or a private driver to move comfortably around the city.

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