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So you want to take a cruise? Then you need to know this cruise hack!


So you want to take a cruise? Sounds like that dream vacation you've been waiting for; Relaxing, fun, the open sea. This are the best cruise hacks and tricks to enjoy your trip since the first day. 

Want to visit Toledo in a day? This is how you should do it!


Despite the fact that it is a pretty small town and that visiting Toledo in one day can be possible, it has so many to see and to offer, you really need to no what to see in Toledo to actually see the best of Toledo and really taking advantage of your time there. If you do it on your own or without the right planning, it maynot be so easy. Let us tell you how to have the best experience when visiting Toledo, Spain.

These newlyweds got the best wedding gift on their Honeymoon in China


Honeymoon tours in China have been rising in popularity over the last years. Visiting Shanghai and Beijing for Honeymooners is a beautiful experience. We want to tell you about one of the greatest gifts a newlywed couple could get during a Honeymoon trip in China.

The easiest way to visit Cholula in Mexico

Mexico DF

Cholula is one of the oldest cities in Mexico, and has the largest pyramid in the whole country. This huge structure dedicated to Quetzalcoatl measures around 405 meters per side. But not only is this pyramid an archeological marvel, but there are also hundreds of churches scattered across the city; almost one for every day of the year.
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