The Mysterious Tree Climbing Goats of Argan

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The goats climb trees. Goats. In trees. Yes really. They are not large birds, it is not a mirage made with Photoshop, it is not a "fake" photo. They are the goats in the trees of Argan. Real goats that mount on real trees. Still not clicking in your brain? Well here we explain.

How do goats climb in a way that seems impossible?

We don’t know if you're aware of this, but the goats are surprisingly skillful when it comes to climbing.

A famous example of this are the incredible mountain goats or wild goats that are seen in the Alps, who first got their 10 seconds of fame in a viral video recorded Andrea Battisti, of Hybrid Wildlife..

The secret of the goats is that their hooves are soft and can be divided into two and cling to the surfaces as if they were forceps. This, coupled with their good eyesight and short but strong legs, gives them a great balance to be able to move on almost vertical and difficult surfaces.

But now let us take this explanation to Morocco, where these goats in trees pictures are taken.

Explanation: Why do goats climb trees?

We know that the image is very rare, but the explanation is so coherent and logical that it almost makes it boring... almost.

As you know, some areas of Morocco are quite deserted. In the semi-desert zone of the country, the animals have difficulties to survive or find food that nourishes them.

Among these animals are, of course, the protagonists of this article, the goats.

The need for survival has led these animals to be clever enough and learn how to climb trees, specifically Argan trees.

Unlike what they can find on the ground, the goats can quietly feed on the fruits of the Argan and thus survive in this arid area.

In addition, this has led herders to graze their herds among the trees, as they spew out the seeds of Argan and can be marketed. This is very common for making Argan oil, for example.

Amazing, right? Even so, not everything is so beautiful. Due to the human exploitation of these trees to produce this oil and fuel, they have become endangered.

Would you like to see the argan goats in person?

Well, it's possible. If you travel to Morocco, you then take the small journey of less than 3 hours to the Valley of Souss, in the region of Souss-Massa-Drâa in the National Park of Souss-Massa, you will find this curious phenomenon.

Booking a chauffeur from Casablanca would be the best way to get to this area, since public transport is practically inaccessible and is much safer to go with a hired driver.

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