9 Underrated Asian Destinations in 2017

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As global travel has become more accessible, tourism has become a massive industry in Asia. Now, when you want to travel to Asia - especially places like Hong Kong, Phuket Thailand and Mumbai, you may find yourself in a sea of tourists. If you are looking for off the beaten path destinations in Asia, you’re in luck! We’ve comprised a list of 9 destinations in Asia that will satisfy your wanderlust without being surrounded by tourist traps.


Tajikistan is a beautiful country in Central Asia. Did you know that the capital of Tajikistan – Dushanbe, which is also the largest city, translates as Monday from Tajik language? Even though we can't say it is a dream destination for every traveller, it is still a country of an amazing lanscape, which is perfect for the adventurist! 94% of land is covered by glorious mountains.

The Pamir Mountains — often referred to as the "roof of the world" - provide the ultimate hiking experience. Also don’t miss Iskanderkul, a glacial mountain lake whose crystal clear waters are stunningly reflective.

Overall, trust us, when we say that we strongly advice to consider this Asian gem for your next vacation!

Yala, Sri Lanka

Yala National Park is impressive to say the least. The park consists of five blocks, two of which are now open to the public. Even though it is only second largest park in Sri Lanka, Yala National Park actually has one of the largest populations of leopards in the world!

Experience the true nature of Asia with monkeys jumping through the crowns of trees, peacocks showing off there beautiful colours, elephants minding their own business, and funny sloths hanging around!

All what’s left to say is that if you’re looking for a twist on a safari or animal adventure, Yala is a perfect destination for you to visit!


Otherwise known as Burma, Myanmar has a closed off and horrifying past, which has kept it isolated from the international community. Now is a great time to go to Myanmar because the government has been shifting over past year and the people are welcoming of outsiders. This mysterious and undiscovered nation will make you feel like you’ve transported to another era, but it has jungles, temples, beaches and communities that are well worth exploring.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei may not be as popular as Hong Kong or Tokyo, but that doesn’t mean it should be missed! Not only does the city have fabulous street food, but Taipei is also home to fascinating history museums and a gritty, authentic urban feel.

Get ready to fall in love with Taipei’s friendly atmosphere, enjoy the diverse cultures of this cosmopolitan, have fun exploring the odd charms of the city and simply have one of the best times exploring this Asian paradise.

Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

When in Thailand, don’t forget to visit some of their phenomenal national parks. A lot of people believe Khao Sok National Park, a unique lowland jungle is over 160 million years old, which makes it one of the world's oldest rainforests!

Enjoy a breath-taking view of beautiful limestone formations, waterfall cascades and vast wild life, and entertain yourself by choosing various hiking trails, places to kayak, or maybe just relax at one of great waterfront floating resorts.

Macau, China

Most people know Macau as the Vegas of China, but it is actually home to a very rich history. Because of the Western influences, visitors can see history before their eyes when they see Chinese temples mixed with the ruins of the 17th-century Christian churches.

Dive into the amazing history and culture of this Asian destination, and explore ancient Chinese temples, which sit on streets paved with traditional Portuguese tiles, learn more about the various cultures which makes this city so colourful and don’t forget to take some beautiful pictures to remember!

Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Are you thinking where to go next? Then we encourage you to consider the amazing Quy Nhon in Vietnam. This large and prosperous coastal city is truly a dream destination for those who look forward to a relaxing holidays near water.

Even though Quy Nhon is home to long, sandy beaches, unfortunately only few stop in this fishing charm, which may be a win for you, if you don’t like the touristy destinations. Spend a couple days among the Vietnamese enjoying the sunshine and dining on some of the freshest seafood you may ever try!

Camiguin Island, Philippines

Camigiun Island is ridiculously beautiful, and yet it has remained largely untouched by large scale tourism. Travellers who do come here tend to feel very protective about this gem destination and guard news of its treasures like a secret!

Not only does the island have electric blue beaches, it is also home to more volcanoes per square mile than any other island on the planet. This island is perfect for beach bums and active vacationers alike!

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