A Servantrip Traveler Experience in Mexico DF

Place: Mexico DF

Name of the professional: Erik

Estimated duration: 8 Hours

The easiest way to visit Cholula in Mexico

Name of the professional: Erik


Cholula is one of the oldest cities in Mexico, and has the largest pyramid in the whole country. This huge structure dedicated to Quetzalcoatl measures around 405 meters per side. But not only is this pyramid an archeological marvel, but there are also hundreds of churches scattered across the city; almost one for every day of the year.


Have an amazing time visiting Cholula Cholula is located in the state of Puebla, Mexico. Although it is relatively close to Mexico City, about 130 km, a lack of road and traffic signs make it very difficult access to Cholula. From Mexico City you can get there by bus, but it is not recommended, being the times are not at all reliable and the station where you need to catch the bus is in a busy part of the city and pretty difficult to find. Visiting this great city that is full of magic and history is much easier with a private driver from Mexico City who can take you around. You can avoid a lot of mishaps and hassle that can happen with trying to visit Cholula, as did our customers during their visit to Mexico City.


Servantrip experience: Visiting Cholula, Puebla An Indian couple, traveling to North America, decided to stop by Mexico City to explore this metropolis along with its culture and history. During their visit, they booked a private driver with Servantrip for 10 hours to visit the city of Cholula. Erik, who is a committed work driver, picked up our clients right from their hotel and drove them to Cholula. He also gave them a tour of the main and most important sites of the city along with authentic restaurants and gift shopping. After spending a wonderful day in Cholula, Erik brought them right back to their hotel. Thanks to the availability and dedication of Erik, this couple enjoyed a great day in one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, without having to worry about hassles of getting lost or transportation. They were able to find a reliable way to get there with a tour guide, and whith out having to speak any Spanish."


  • Duration: 8 Hours
  • Number of travelers: 3 Passengers
  • Tour Type: Cultural,

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Know Before You Go: Mexico

Religion: Since the country is almost three-quarters Roman Catholic, know that many Mexicans are quite religious. It is not uncommon to see locals cross themselves when they pass a church or to build altars on the roadside. Be respectful of religion unless you are sure of the views of our company. Getting around: Buses in Mexico - both in the cities and in between cities are safe, clean and usually on time! Mosts buses that will take you to different cities are air-conditioned, offer reclining seats and show movies. Health Safety: Don’t drink the water: While it is safe in some cities, you’d rather be safe than sorry! Buy bottled water, be wary of ice in restaurants and even use bottled water for brushing your teeth. Socializing Tips: Let your guard down. Mexicans are known for being friendly, funny and generous! So, don’t be shy and get to know some locals! The warmth and hospitality you’ll feel will be authentic and exciting! Salud! It’s customary for only men to propose toasts in social settings. But Mexicans are friendly and will want to share a drink with their guests - so enjoy! Family is the center of social structure in Mexico (this includes extended family). This drives the entire culture’s communal habits, which should make you feel even more welcome right from the beginning! Don’t be surprised to hear about and be introduced to several family members when you befriend a local. Even if your Spanish isn’t perfect, Mexicans think it is a sign of respect when you try to communicate in their language. Brush up on your basics and give it a try!

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