Visiting Tigre in Argentina

Tigre is a beautiful town in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, with many sites that cannot be missed while you are in the argentine capital. It’s a destination that can be enjoyed year round and its proximity to Buenos Aires allows visitors to see the strong contrast between the urban rural parts of the region. The origin of the name “Tigre” is thought to have been derived from tigers or jaguars that were seen in the area when the city was founded.

Why to visit Tigre while in Buenos Aires

For many years now, one of the largest points of interest in Tigre has been el Puerto de Frutos. With more than 160 stands that offer artisan products such as baskets, fabrics, paintings, furniture, leathers, and flowers, it’s quite an experience. It provides lovely scenery for those who want to take a stroll and see some of the local flavor. The atmosphere of el Puerto de Frutos  is, without a doubt, one of the best parts of this visit. In the surrounding area there are restaurants, coffee shops, and some places to grab a quick bite.

In addition to el Puerto de Frutos, one of the most enchanting sites of Tigre is the Tigre Delta. The river forms a delta near the town and is one of the most interesting places in the Tigre to visit. The landscape is one of the biggest attractions of this area of Argentina; with houses, gardens, and docks that line the river.

Another point of interest is the Casa Sarmiento in Tigre (the Sarmiento House) which is located along the river and safeguarded by a glass and metal encasing which protects it from external elements. If you are looking for a museum in Tigre stop by El Museo de la Reconquista (The Recapture Museum) which is dedicated to telling the story of the history of the defense and reconquering of the city of Buenos Aires.

Getting to Tigre from Buenos Aires

The town of Tigre is located 31 kilometers (19 miles) from the center of Buenos Aires and is truly a must see while you are in Buenos Aires. Being quite far from the city center, Servantrip offers you a private driving service which guarantees you reliable, comfortable travel during day trips such as that to Tigre. Get around in a safe, convenient way all for a competitive fixed price.

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