Would you like to discover Santiago like a Local? Book with Servantrip your walking tour to make the excursions or routes you decide.

Walking Tour Service in Santiago

The walking tour service in Santiago is your best option to enjoy the city to the maximum for as long as you’d like.

Whether you travel with enough time to discover the different places of Santiago in detail, or travel for just a short visit, the walking tour service in Santiago will certainly be the most comfortable, reliable and safe option for you.

What to do with your Walking Tour in Santiago

With a walking tour in Santiago you have different options that allow you to experience the service that best suits your interests.

Whether you have little time and you want to see the city in a day, or you prefer to do tours in specific places or even visit attractions in the outsides of the city such as Barrio Lastarria or Cerro Santa Lucia, the decision is yours to choose what to do during the booked time.

About Santiago

Santiago de Chile, or as it is usually shortened - Santiago, is Chile’s capital and largest city, is situated in picturesque valley surrounded the snow-picked Andes and the Chilean Coast Range. This modern metropolis is alive during the day and night, and when walking around the city you can feel the unique local atmosphere.
In Santiago you will have a chance to stroll through the city, visit some of the amazing museums and find out Chilean secrets from a local guide. Explore the energetic city culture on our walking tour and fall in love with Santiago!

Advantages of the Walking Tour Service in Santiago

Having a walking tour in Santiago booked with Servantrip gives you many advantages over booking tours in other places or planning a visit when you arrive in the city.

- Every Servantrip guide is professional and carefully certified to ensure you quality and confidence.
- The prices are fixed, so there will be no surprises or additional costs at the end of the service. What you see is what you pay for.
- The tour service is private and tailored to your needs, so you can see what you want and at your own pace.

Do not hesitate and book your walking tour with Servantrip.

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Great tour. Will definately use Servantrip again; maybe in a different City

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Excellent tour. The tour guide provided helpful commentary and hosted a short tour of the best parts of Santiago prior to depositing us at back in the hotel

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