Looking for a walking tour in Shanghai? Book with Servantrip your guide to make the excursions or routes you decide.

Walking Tour Service in Shanghai

The walking tour service in Shanghai is your best option to enjoy the city to the maximum for as long as you’d like.

Whether you travel with enough time to discover the different places of Shanghai in detail, or travel for just a short visit, the walking tour service in Shanghai will certainly be the most comfortable, reliable and safe option for you.

What to do with your Walking Tour in Shanghai

With a walking tour in Shanghai, you can enjoy diverse routes or touristic plans. On one hand, you can check the walking tour that we have set up for you, or if you prefer, you can book a private guide for as long as you want and choose what places to discover in Shanghai.

About Shanghai

Whether you are coming for business purposes, or as a tourist, it is easy to feel lost in a city the size of Shanghai! With a population of over 24 million, it's difficult to even know where to start!
In order to feel safe and relaxed in an unknown environment, we suggest you join a walking tour! Not only will you learn about the incredible history and modern significance of the city, but you will also get insider tips on the best restaurants and bars, so you can really get to know the true Shanghai!

What can you see in Shanghai?

Within the immense touristic offer of Shanghai, a walking tour will be able to take you to the gorgeous and attractive places we’ve listed below:

- M50 Art District
- Jade Buddha Temple
- Confucius Temple
- Xu Guangqi Residence

Advantages of the Walking Tour Service in Shanghai

The walking tour service in Shanghai has a number of differentiating features from the tour that you can find elsewhere, such as:

- Safety and quality: Each Servantrip guide is a carefully certified professional to ensure he/she will be reliable and of high quality.
- Best fixed prices: The price you see is the one you pay, you do not have to negotiate or run the risk that it will change at the end of the service.
- Flexibility: Being a private walking tour service, you decide what to do and what to visit in Shanghai, instead of going to the rhythm of a group visiting places that may be less interesting to you.