Why do the International Indian Film Awards 2016 take place in Madrid?

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Blog >> Why do the International Indian Film Awards 2016 take place in Madrid?

Known as one of the most vibrant, positive, and friendly cities in Europe, Madrid has attracted people from all over the world, most of which never wanted to leave. And the 2016 The International Indian Film Academy awards in Madrid mark the 60th anniversary of the relationship between India and Spain, a relationship that both the Spanish government and community have wholeheartedly embraced.

Bollywood not only creates movies, but gives westerners a chance to see the creativity and talent of a world that is different, yet so similar to theirs. The Indian film industry has been making movies that address almost every real life and fictional situation you can think of. From comedy movies like “3 Idiots”, to more serious movies like “Devedaas” or “Tere Naam”, there is surely a movie that will cater to whatever mood you are in. With big stars such as Shah Rukh Khan, Anil Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, and Priyanka Chopra, the mood in Madrid is sure to be amazing!

So, why Madrid?

Madrid has a special fusion of deeply rooted culture and groovy, upbeat, at the same time laid back atmosphere that has made it one of the most sought out places for people to live or visit. Throughout the history of movie making, directors have considered Spain a filming playground where some of the most famous and memorable movies have been shot. But adding to good movie sets, here are some other things about the Spanish cinema industry and why Madrid is the perfect city for hosting The 2016 IIFA awards.

  • Bollywood has the IIFA award, but Madrid has the Goya Awards
  • Bollywood and Hollywood are certainly not the only ones who give out annual awards to the best movies, directors and actors. The Spanish Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts created the Goya Awards which recognize talented people in the industry as well as its importance in the country. The first Goya Awards ceremony took place on March 16, 1987 at the Teatro Lope de Vega, Madrid. Since then, the ceremony takes place annually at Centro de Congresos Príncipe Felipe, honoring not only Spanish movies but Latin American movies too.

  • Cradle of excellent actors
  • The same way some Spanish directors made it to Hollywood and are now considered some of the best, there are actors that have followed the path. Of course Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz are the most well known, but other very talented Spanish actors include Javier Bardem, Elsa Pataky, Jordi Mollá and Belén, among many other.


    After being held in Kuala Lumpur last year, as well as Toronto, Johannesburg, and Dubai in the years before, the IIFA awards in Madrid are going to be one of a kind. When visiting Madrid last March, “Slumdog Millionaire” star Anil Kapoor said,”There is a tremendous amount of similarity between the Spanish people and the Indian people. We believe in enjoying life, we believe in family values, we love to dance.” Kapoor along with other Bollywood stars such as Hrithik Roshan and Sonakshi Sinha walked around the streets of Madrid greeting thousands of fans. They also held an amazing flash mob that was led by 45 professional dancers who surprisingly blocked traffic on Paseo del Prado and began interacted with their fans by teaching them Indian dance moves and singing.

    There is no doubt this year's IIFA awards in Madrid are going to be one of the most significant award ceremonies in the history of both Bollywood and the Spanish film industry. It´s an event that not only the Indian community of Madrid is looking forward to, but the Spanish community as well. Preparations are currently underway with accommodations, transportation, and activities for people of all ages to enjoy and celebrate such a great friendship between to wonderful countries. See you there!

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